E-Coating Illinois

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Daily Service To Illinois
Example of an intricate part that has been e-coated.

Daily Service To Illinois
Superior Industrial Coating serves Illinois from Racine, Wisconsin. This ideal low-overhead location allows us to give superior service to our Illinois customers, at a lower overall cost. Making daily deliveries to Chicago and Northeastern Illinois is all in a days work for us. In fact, many of our Illinois customers are closer than many of our Wisconsin customers.

Illinois Customers Appreciate E-Coating's Cost Effectiveness And Corrosion Resistance
E-Coating is the most automatic, controllable, and efficient method for applying a corrosion inhibiting primer to a metallic part.

E-Coating or Electro-Deposition Coating is a process by which a metallic part is immersed into a paint/water bath with electrically charged particles, where the electricity is then utilized in the deposition of the paint onto the part. E-coating works with magnesium, aluminum, zinc, brass, steel, or any material that conducts electricity.
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E-Coating Expertise
Just because e-coating is relatively inexpensive, doesn't mean that you shouldn't look for a quality e-coating vendor. Superior Industrial Coating's Cathodic Black Epoxy E-Coating is backed by years of experience and will result in a finished product that's lower in cost but not lower in quality. Contact us today to let our coating engineers review your project to determine if e-coating is the right solution for your particular application.

E-Coating Process