About Superior Industrial Coating,
an Industrial Finishing Company

SIC Testimonials
We are grateful to you, our many loyal customers. We appreciate your business. Here is just a sample of the nice things that many of you have said about us.

"SIC's responsiveness and timely delivery has helped ensure that our company meets specified delivery dates."
P.E. Inc.

"CNH as been a partner with SIC Inc. for over 25 years. SIC is one of CNH's main suppliers where SIC continues to engineer the process in order to meet the challenges of today's economic times. SIC has and continues to supply CNH with the ultimate quality at a competitive cost. It should be noted that SIC has been instrumental to find ways to cut cost as the project progresses."

“Our continuous partnership with SIC is sustained by their exceptional employees who run their facility and ensure high quality. The employees are genuinely good people who are in tune with the etiquette of customer service and quality."
Newell Corp.

"SIC is a strong medical industry supplier and partner to our company in the healthcare supply chain. SIC has demonstrated the leadership to meet the high quality standards required in our field along with 100% delivery rating."
Thieme Corp.

"SIC is a trusted partner to our company and the food & beverage industry. SIC has met rigorous demands for on-time delivery as part of our supply chain."
SPX Flow

Since its establishment in 1957, Superior Industrial Coating has lived by the motto: “COMMITTED TO EXCELLENT QUALITY AND SERVICE.” Our dedication to understanding and meeting the needs of our customers has allowed us to become a leading company in the industrial coating and finishing industry.

Mission Statement:
Superior Industrial Coating Inc. Employees are committed to a high quality workmanship and service which meets or exceeds our customer' requirements. Our objective is to be recognized industry wide as a service of the highest quality that can be obtained in the market place on a timely basis. We foster and encourage open and active participation in all facets of our organization in attaining these goals.

    When additional services are desired, our capabilities include

  • Design services, including choosing correct materials
  • Treatment of various substrates including steel, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, and various plastics
  • Surface finishing, polishing aluminum, stainless steel, other
  • Sub assembly, packaging, and more

  • Which enables us to provide a turnkey product to our customers.


Superior Industrial Coating Facility, Racine, Wisconsin
215,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and office space utilizing 6 major production lines. Visit our Facility page to learn more. 

We are proud of our growth, longevity, and partnerships, developed with our customers, suppliers, and community.
Our company culture has been developed and nurtured by our qualified, loyal employees.
We continue to set the standard for excellence to high quality workmanship and service which meets or exceeds our customers requirements.

Based in Racine, Wisconsin we are ideally located to deliver parts to Milwaukee and Chicago or within 100 miles daily.
We have many satisfied customers in the Midwest as well as throughout North America and truck for industrial finishing company, Superior Industrial Coating