Industrial Coating Surface Preparation

industrial coating surface preparation processto any coating application, parts need to be prepared in order to achieve coating durability. This is not an area in which to cut corners. The quality of the surface prep work will directly affect the quality of the finish. Let us take care of the surface preparation so that you can be confident of the quality of the final product. Depending on the surface to be coated, the specifications of the job, and the intended use of the product, we may recommend one of the following prep procedures:

Iron Phosphating
Iron Phosphating is a treatment that will prepare the metal for coating.

Zinc Phosphating
Zinc Phosphating acts as a sacrificial anode and forms a barrier against oxidation of the treated metal.

An inexpensive treating process, chromating is used on aluminum parts to improve their bonding ability and corrosion resistance. Chromating is also used if the goal is to allow the part to conduct electricity.

Anodizing increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer on a metal surface. Besides making the part more durable, anodizing also improves its ability to hold on to glue or primer.

We proudly utilize Alodine brand chromate conversion coating solutions. Alodining improves corrosion resistance as well as paint adhesion, without adding any weight or changing part dimensions. Alodining also provides superior electrical conductivity.

In this process an abrasive material (usually beads, sand or sodium bicarbonate) is "blasted" against the surface of the part to be treated. This results in contaminants being removed and in the part taking on a desired texture. Learn more about our blasting services on our Parts Blasting page.

Vibratory Finishing MachineVibratory Finishing Machine

Vibratory Finishing
In this finishing method, parts are placed in a vibrating bowl that contains abrasive media. Vibratory finishing is an inexpensive way to remove burrs and leaves parts with slightly rounded edges.

Parts in a vibratory finishing machine.

From surface prep to coating, assembly and packaging, we are your one stop finishing shop. Contact us today to learn more about the best finishing process for your parts.