a coffee maker, one of Superior Industrial Coating's projects
Trifecta Machine- The Trifecta Machine is made by Bunn-O-Matic for the Starbuck franchise. This particular part comes in as a sand casting which then gets sanded and polished to a smooth finish. Next it gets spray filled and then sanded again. After sanded the part gets a silver top coat and then lastly a clear coat.



industrial coating project: Anesthesia Delivery UnitAnesthesia Delivery Unit (ADU) is made by GE Healthcare. The first step in coating this part is an extensive amount of masking.  After the part is fully masked then it gets coated with white powder and then the masking is removed.  Once product is painted and masking is removed it is then cleaned of any excess paint.




valve covers, coated by Superior Industrial Coating, in place on an engineFord Shelby GT – 2 piece job: 1) Coil Cover – grind and coat with a silver texture powder. 2) Valve Cover – coated with a blue wrinkle powder.
Industrial Coating project: a coil cover in place on a valve cover