Additional Finishing Services

The Superior Industrial Coating Advantage
There is no need to hassle with several vendors. Why go to one vendor for machining, another for coating, and yet another for assembly and packaging? Let us eliminate those headaches by taking care of the necessary Machining, Grinding, Blasting, Polishing, Assembly, and Kitting work your parts require.


When a manufactured part is coated there may be certain areas of the surface that must be free of coating. For example:

  • Threaded areas may not fit properly if they are coated
  • Bearing surfaces with close tolerance cannot be coated
  • Some parts may require a bare spot for electrical-grounding contact

Parts that have been properly masked prior to powder coating services

Masking can be as simple as placing a plug into a single hole or it may require a specially made mask or fixture. A large hole in a large part will require very little labor while some smaller parts may have numerous spots that need masking and require much more labor. Whether it's a task big or small the employees at SIC can handle it all.

Parts that have been properly masked prior to powder coating services

Utilizing 3D Computer Aided Design Software SIC has designed and implemented custom masking in order to minimize labor, saving you money.


example of Parts Polishing service
This is an example of a part that has been polished, with detailed lettering and numbering, prior to being coated.

Packaging and Assembly
After exceeding your expectations on the quality of our finishing work, we'll assemble and package your product with the same care and attention to detail.

Packaging and Assembly, placing parts in plastic wrappers and then in a cardboard box

High End Finish
SIC has developed a process to repair voids in castings, from aluminum to magnesium. Using our proprietary methods on imperfect castings makes it possible to provide a high cosmetic finish with the ultimate coating.

Delivery Service
Ideally located half way between Milwaukee and Chicago, our trucks have the ability to deliver parts in a variety of areas daily.
delivery truck of Superior Industrial Coating, a finishing services company

From surface prep to coating, assembly and packaging, we are your one stop finishing shop.

Contact us today to learn how we can save you time, money, and headaches by doing it all for you.