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Daily Service To Illinois
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Daily Service To Illinois
Because Superior Industrial Coating is in Racine, Wisconsin, we're in the perfect place to serve you in Illinois. Making daily deliveries to Chicago and Northeastern Illinois is all in a days work for us. In fact, many of our Illinois customers are closer than many of our Wisconsin customers.

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Superior Wet Coating
We've been providing wet coating services to our customers in Illinois for six decades. Over that time we've perfected the most innovative wet coating solutions. The latest in wet coating technology means a superior finish and better corrosion protection. Allow us to improve the look, durability, and value of your product.

The Wet Coating Solution
Wet coating is an ideal finishing solution for plastics, composites, or any other material that cannot stand the heat necessary for powder coating. Wet coating is also the right choice when exact color match or gloss level are critical. Visit our Wet Coating page to learn more about Superior's wet coating process.

Wet Coating Experts
At SIC, our expertise in the coating industry enables us to provide the best solutions for your coating challenges. Contact us today to let our coating engineers review your project to determine if wet coating is the right solution for your particular application, whether you're located in Illinois or anywhere else.
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